Latest presentations


Recently, the principal investigator of the STEPSTONES-CHD project gave 2 presentations on transition. The first was given at the Congenital Heart Campus, in Ortigia, Sicily on May 24th, with the title “The Stepstones project: How to optimally transition adolescents to ACHD care?”. The second presentation was given at the 29th annual international symposium on congenital…

Presentation by the research group at an international conference


STEPSTONES presented their research during the Society for Adolescent Health and Medicines’ Internationell conference in Washington DC, March 6-9th. The research group held a workshop called “Person-centered and Empowering Care for Adolescents with Chronic Conditions during Transition to Adulthood”. In addition, Åsa Burström and Anna Lena Brorsson presented posters about their research.

Diabetological spring meeting March 2019


STEPSTONES DIAB presented their upcoming work in a well visited workshop on “Transition from pediatric to adult care”. This workshop was arranged by Anna Lena Brorsson and Carina Sparud Lundin in cooperation with nurse specialists in diabetes care Ingela Lavin and Erika Persson.

Presentation in Munster


  In November 2018, the rationale and design of the Stepstones-CHD project was presented by Philip Moons at the 7th Conference of the German Society for Transition Medicine in Münster, Germany.