About Stepstones

Medical and surgical advances have given young people with congenital or long-term conditions from childhood an increased life expectancy. This group of young people is in need of life-long specialist care to increase the possibility of a long and healthy life.

The transition of young people with long-term  conditions from pediatric care to adult healthcare has been increasingly recognized in recent decades. Problem areas in the care of the transfer have been expressed both by patients and their relatives – an issue that is also mentioned by the patient organizations.

In addition, healthcare professionals in pediatric and adult health services are requesting improved routines for promoting well-being and medical outcomes in young people with chronic diseases during a vulnerable period of life.
The research group studies the transfer from pediatric to adult healthcare from different perspectives and has as an overall objective to improve and secure the transfer. The target group is young people with long-term conditions and their relatives, healthcare professionals and decision makers.

Stepstones (Swedish Transition Effects Project Supporting Teenagers with chronical condition condition).

Stepstones is a research project that aims to develop and evaluate the effect of a person-centered transition program for young people with long-term illnesses with the aim of becoming active partners during the transition from child to adult healthcare. Stepstones are generic as an idea but are implemented in the first step as a study aimed at young people who have congenital heart defects and type 1 diabetes

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